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Mission and Values

Education in the Damanhur Association is based upon a spiritual and holistic vision of life and of each individual. We see education as an opportunity for intellectual, social and ethical growth, on the part of students, educators, teachers and parents.

The association is open to children from all over the world. The diversity of cultures and nationalities in our school contributes to the richness of our educational environment. Having exposure to diversity expands one's capacity to think creatively to welcome that which is new, for both children and adults.

We promote the following values:

* Living with joy and love for life and recognizing the beauty of our world

* Having respect for nature and gaining knowledge about the environment

* Thinking optimistically

* Valuing and supporting each individual's uniqueness

* Recognizing the importance of positive change and self-transformation

* Nurturing an independent spirit while maintaining an awareness of the interdependence of all life

* Respecting diversity as a source of richness

* Fostering understanding and solidarity

* Recognizing the importance of cultivating a personal sphere of spirituality and dreams



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