Online Coaching in the refugee camp Kakuma, Kenya

From October 2020 to June 2021, the organization delivered Online Coaching in leadership and conflict resolution for a group of women and men in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya with the Development and Empowerment of Society (DES) organization.

It all started when Mr. Kadjosi Matabishi Mzaliwa, founder of KADES, an association to train boys in sports, keep them away from crime and empower women, contacted the NGO for support in leadership and conflict resolution.

A group of women and some men working in the refugee camp in peace building, members of KADES, needed support and tools for conflict resolution and developing women's leadership. Conflicts, which are often not resolved through existing structures, are common in the refugee camp.

The NGO delivered the online training from October 2020 to June 2021 facing many challenges, first and foremost poor internet and a poor computer. At first, the lessons were partially recorded and written until Damanhur Education was able to find a donor for a solid internet contract and a computer.

The lessons were both theoretical and practical with many exercises. Damanhur Education also introduced KADES to permaculture and supported a permaculture training so that the women could grow their own food. The NGO also found a donor to support Mr. Matabishi to participate in the course Ecovillage Design Education Online, which led to the creation of a support group for KADES.