Marza Millar

She visited Damanhur
the June 20 – July 2, 2015.

Marza was adopted at birth, although by birth right, she holds the initiation medicine of the Wind Creek Yavapai of Sedona, given to her by her father and uncle. Her father's teachers hold the position of keeper of the Emergence Eternity Door for the Wind Creek Yavapai people.

Marza Millar is the last Grandmother of the Wind Creek Yavapai Tribe to carry the medicine of the Emergence Door for the 4th Cycle of the Sun for the Yavapai People and to bridge the 5th Cycle of the Sun.  
Marza has been given permission and instructions by her elders to share the prophecies and healing techniques of the 5th Sun Cycle with the people of Damanhur. 

She gave public speeches and offered a drum ceremony in Damanhur. She also spoke with Damanhur’s herbalists and collected herbs from the lands.


Marza Miller at Damanhur


Marza Miller at Damanhur