Reforestation in Senegal


Thanks to the support of many of you it was possible to realize a wonderful project: A delegation of Damanhur Education APS in collaboration with REDES  has now planted over 1400 fruit trees together with the people at the end of March 2018, in our twin-sister eco-community Guede Chantier, Senegal and 5 other villages which are part of REDES.

Guide Chantier and the desert

Our twinsister eco-community Guede Chantier is located in the very north of Senegal, in the Sahel region, close to the Sahara desert. In the past five decades, Guede like all the villages in Senegal River Valley, has been affected by desertification due to climate change and also due to the economic activities in the region.
As a result of environmental degradation, heat peaks in May, sand storms in August, irregular rainy seasons, mass impoverishment, rural exodus and immigration are the daily realities of most people in the region.

In the Podor Region, there is a severe nutrition problem among the vulnerable population, especially among children and pregnant women.

Damanhur Education APS and REDES have brought concrete support to the population of Guede in its fight against environmental degradation and community vulnerability by organizing a reforesting campaign on 10 sites in 6 different villages. The delegation of Damanhur Education APS together with the population of the villages have planted over 1400 fruit trees. In one village, a fence was also built to protect the trees against grazing animals.
This was the second visit made by a delegation of our Association in order to create concrete actions that can make a big difference to the population.

Thank you so much,

Damanhur Education APS, Guede Chantier and Redes