Safeguarding the forests of Nicaragua and building a sister school on Mancarroncito


The students of the Damanhur School participated in a project to safeguard the forests of Nicaragua, in collaboration with the RE.TE, an NGO that promotes eco-conscious international development projects and with the Association ASN (Ambiente Storia Natura - Environment  History Nature). Our students became proprietors of a portion of threatened land, keeping it same from destruction and preserving its biodiversity.

The students organized various fundraisers, including a market of second hand goods. With the money they raised, they became proprietors of a hectare and a half of tropical rainforest on the island of Mancarroncito. This island in Lake Nicaragua has been designated a national monument because of its historical and environmental importance. The territory that has been acquired shall be bestowed to the local population.

The Macarroncito School has 18 students and 3 teachers.The children of the Damanhur School also helped to build a school on Mancarroncito, where the people of the island live from the land, without using money, and where few of the children of the island had the opportunity to go to school. The new Mancarroncito School has 3 teachers and 18 students, and is now a sister school of the Damanhur School. 

Our students have maintained friendships with the Mancarroncito students, exchanging letters, drawings, and artwork frequently. This ongoing interaction between our students and the Nicaraguan ones has created a feeing of shared friendship across the globe.