Tree for a Friend

The Damanhur School students made the project ‘A Tree for a Friend’ for Eco School 2007. They focused on preventing deforestation, participating in diverse activities in the region surrounding the school. This area, Canavese, once had abundant forests, although now the land is threatened by deforestation.

The objective of protecting the forestlands parallels the Mancarroncito, Nicaragua project, in which we collaborated with local residents on the island of Mancarroncito in to protect their forests.

The students learned that forestlands are like vast schools of life that have a deep history and richness. They learned about the abundance of organic materials such as wood that the forest provides, as well as the importance of understanding the relationship between nature and technology.

Phases of the project include...

  • Participating in art and poetry laboratories about trees to develop an emotional rapport with the natural world.
  • Experience of sensory contact with trees in the neighboring woods
  • Visiting the Department of Forestry to research transplanting trees, and meeting with the Mayor of Vidracco to ask permission and sponsorship
  • Organizing a fundraiser with proceeds donated to the Mancarroncito project, supporting eco-sustainable development and the children’s education
  • Distributing material about the Tree for a Friend project at Environment Day

  • Meeting with an expert biologist in a Music of the Plants laboratory
  • Learning about the phases of seed germination and the purifying power of plants in laboratory experiences
  • Planting trees with the assistance of the Department of Forestry and expert gardeners in the local area.