Renewable Energy

The students experimented and learned about renewable energy for Eco School 2005. Their objective was to create electrical energy from environmentally friendly and economic sources.

Damanhur is a place with extensive renewable energy systems, such as solar and photovoltaic panels, have existed for years. Most of our students have already been exposed to these systems in their community homes. This project has served to deepened their knowledge about these systems.

The students conducted research about various systems, and they studied the school, its land and building structures, with the intention of building similar renewable energy structures at the school.

The project was divided into three sub-projects, adapted for each age group.

  • One group used solar and photovoltaic panels to produce electrical energy and illuminate the classrooms. The students made models to better understand how the panels function, then used the energy produced in various projects.
  • Another group constructed a water mill in a close by stream for producing electrical energy. They water mill was connected to a generator to accumulate the energy, which was sufficient for running small appliances.

  • The youngest group created a system using a bicycle wheel connected to a generator to produce electrical energy and illuminate the classroom in the case of a blackout.