Poetry for Peace


Who weighs more?
(English translation)

The laughter of a child
for a simple gift
made with love,
could also be a flower...

It is the weight of newly created life,
that is not destroyed with a grenade,
a bitter bomb or a dangerous weapon.
Life cannot replace a person,
because each one is a unique, living being.
So, one must understand this,
and stop the war and the taking of lives.
Please think of the children
whose parents won’t see them anymore,
all for a deceitful gain.

It is possible to live in peace and in love
giving importance to a simple flower.
We will be happy and join hands,
saving the world that we love so much!!!

by Margherita Bobini – Middle School, third level


War and life
(English translation)

Life is beautiful
like a STAR!

And when you want to,
you can realize all of your dreams

War is terrible
like a black and ferocious swarm

We will defend LIFE
and bring it home like a prize

For the hills we have ploughed
and the LIFE we have defended

And when we are in PEACE
we will remember war like a violent hunt

Always regretting the lives lost in war,
and I am still so grateful to be on earth.

by Elia Sappa – Middle School, third level