Will Taegel

He visited Damanhur
the July, 2016 together with a group of 30 people.

Will Taegel, the Dean of the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies at Ubiquity University brings an integral approach to his work at Wisdom University as Vice President of Academic Affairs. He weds his Native American background and traditional training in shamanic circles with his 30-year practice of psychotherapy, including a stint as Chair of the Texas State Board of Examiners in Psychotherapy. He balances his academic interest in evolution and trauma with the spiritual practice of rainwater collection, solar and wind energy, and environmental restoration.
Will Taegel has many different Native American bloodlines, from Shawnee to Comanche to Nahuatle.

In July 2016 he came to Damanhur with a group of 30 students of Wisdom University for a 10-day course. He shared the traditions and wisdom of the Shawnee tribe from North America with the entire community.

Here is a meaningful quote about his experience in Damanhur:

“Aho. From the core of my soul, I want to thank the Damanhur community for being who you are and for embracing us during our auspicious days together. I believe Damanhur is one of the most important research experiments within Mother Gaia today, and as you join hands with the Earthtribe and the Wisdom School, we become an even larger experiment.”